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Logo and Theme


The logo and theme for the 50th ADB Annual Meeting were unveiled on May 5, 2016 during the 49th Annual Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.


The logo is the fusion of Yokohama’s modern, advanced image and Japanese tradition. The simplified scenery of today’s Yokohama cityscape is presented within a Japanese traditional rounded mark which is often used for old family crests.

The connecting clouds, called “Suyari-Gasumi,” are also a Japanese traditional motif used in picture scrolls since ancient times. In this logo mark, it expresses people cooperating “hand in hand” to open, cultivate and build the prosperity of Asia together.

Background “Hama-Kai-Hamon 2017

The background is a combination of a traditional pattern of waves (“Seigaihamon”), reminiscent of the Yokohama port, and of Yokohama’s symbolic icons. It uses Japanese traditional colours and tones associated with the sea.

Seigaihamon” is originally a lucky pattern expressing the infinite expansion of happiness, and thus has been much liked by Japanese society. This background designed specifically for ADB Annual Meeting 2017 was given the name Hama-Kai-Hamon* 2017.”

* “Hama” is a diminutive for Yokohama; “Kai” means sea; “Hamon” means wave pattern and is derived from Seigaihamon.


Building Together the Prosperity of Asia

The Theme means that ADB members will step together into the future of Asia, based on the relationship built over 50 years.