"Yokohama Student Forum 2017" Held as Follow-up Event of 50th ADB Annual Meeting
English-language Discussions and Presentations by Approx. 120 High School Students from 15 Domestic/International Schools on the Theme of "Work and Working Styles"

Yokohama Commercial High School invited high school students from other parts of Japan and the world to join Yokohama Student Forum (YSF) 2017, where participants discussed global-scale problems in English. Students (mostly those in international studies courses) spent a year preparing for YSF 2017, where they put on presentations in English and actively participated in English-language discussions on the theme of "work and working styles," an important contemporary issue throughout global society.

Yokohama Commercial High School also invited Ms.Haidy Ear-Dupuy, a specialist on upper-class societal development at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquarters in Manila. She provided the keynote speech, talking about how today's youth should prepare themselves for a future in which working styles are changing due to the transformations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (spurred by AI advancements and other changes).

Ms.Dupuy fled Cambodia for Vietnam and then Indonesia as a refugee during her childhood. Her empowering talk, based on challenging real-life experiences, inspired many students to ask questions following the speech. The event proved to be a truly meaningful forum for discussion.